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Waituna Wetlands

Waituna Lagoon holds a long history to the McNaughton Family.

For what started as a project of personal passion for not only hunting & fishing but also conservation with placing cameras at a few points for Bevan, soon grew into a growing interest for others who share interests for the lake and wetlands.

Now we have two cameras looking over the lagoon and plan for more at different angles as well as upgrading the very basic weather stations there.

Southland Fish & Game donated a 4K camera for the site overlooking what is often called The Breakout - this is where the lagoon is let out to the sea when water levels dictate it is needed.

Where possible we use Ubiquiti UniFi cameras but may expand to other brands in the future.

Currently the cameras are linked back to our network via RBI which is expensive, but in the future we will hope to get a wireless link back up to cater to the sites.

Visit to see the site.