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Our Team



Bevan who started the group in 2011 worked one on one with several groups who he already had involvement with, offering to donate time and surplus equipment to the groups who were already struggling with their ICT needs.
Bevan's strengths include Network Engineering, ICT servers and infrastructure as well as some knowledge in IoT systems.



Peter has a strong background in the I.T sector including programming and IoT. 


Nick is an electrician by trade and has a good background in radio communications being involved both with LandSAR, AREC and is the current chair 

Executive Member

Alex has a wide background including: Radio Engineering, Electrician, Security Contractor, IoT Design and larger-scale 3D design & printing.


SouthLoop Group was initially set up in 2011 to work with schools on a local Fiber Project.

Since then (with UFB readily available), SouthLoop has turned it's focus to supporting select non-profit and charitable organisations with the likes of:

  • (Limited use) internet,
  • Website hosting
  • IOT systems
  • Search & Rescue support systems

SouthLoop has a growing wireless backhaul presence - mainly along Southern Southland and a Weather Camera network still in development.